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First up is the gym.

Take a left from the Workshop and then head straight towards the gate door. The gym is just to the right of Cell Block C. There are three packs of smokes to be collected in the gym. Head to the boxing ring first, where Stinger will teach you the grab breaker Press B when grabbed. Just kick the nuts off Stinger to collect your first pack of cancer sticks.

Don't feel bad about beating on ol' Stinger. He'll thank you for the ass-whoopin' later. No, really, he does! The speed bag may seem difficult at first, but it's actually pretty easy to pass.

Before 'Orange is the New Black,' There Was Australia's 'Prisoner'

You have two minutes to land punches on the bag. This is a rhythm game, just get the right rhythm of A and B presses and you will do fine. As you land more consecutive hits, the bag speed will increase. It can be really tough to catch the new rhythm, but if you miss, you can still beat the challenge by doing well at speed level 1.

Just start again once Jack has steadied the bag. You don't even have to make it to speed level 2 to beat this challenge. Should you feel, you can always try again. The German will try and dazzle you with his silly accent, but don't be taken in by his evil charms. Just concentrate on the task at hand There are three sets of weights lbs.

The goal is to tap A with the right rhythm to keep the meter in the small red portion of the stamina gauge. Next to that gauge is your strength gauge. When that is full and flashing , press B to move the weight into your next position. There are three positions in the clean and jerk, so you will need to get the strength gauge to the maximum three times for each set of weights. And here you thought the clean and jerk meant something completely different in prison. Mad Dog is gonna "tear him up" if nothing is done to stop it. We'll leave the whole tearing up situation to your imagination.

The ass kicking you must give Mad Dog, however, we'll tell you all about.

Take the door straight ahead from the gym veer slightly right and go straight to Cell Block B. Then get ready for some fun. Use the access card to get past the locked door. Make your way through the thugs in the hallway to get to the cellblock, where the real fun begins. After passing the guard station you can hear them chattering on about some kind of nonsense watch out for the lifer hiding in the corner to the left.

Stay wide to avoid a sudden attack and then give him a little Shawshank Redemption. Get used to the fighting en masse, as you'll need to clear out Cellblock C and D in the same fashion. The cellblock is broken up into two halves, marked by the stairs. Convicts you fight on one side won't cross to the other.

Best of all, no one will every follow you up stairs. Fighting out in the open is a very bad idea and an easy way to become someone's punk. Instead, run into one of the open cells. The cells are narrow, and if you keep your back to the wall, you will often only have to contest with one convict at a time, two at most. Don't do any grab and throws that would put a convict behind you, because then you are destroying the whole purpose of fighting with your back to the wall.

Let the convicts come to you.

Cell Block H / Prisoner - Will Deumer - David Doughty - Australian Stories - Tribute To ANZACs

Fight like you've learned, blocking and then attacking. If you run low on health, there are red health packs in about half of the open cells. To get past the throng of prisoners lined up at the cell to kick your ass, dive past them. This usually works. Run upstairs if you need more health. There's always a few red packs there and no one will mess with you upstairs.

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When you've cleaned out the first half of Cellblock B, heal up, cross under the stairs, and take out the second half in the same manner. As you fight, some cons will drop packs of cigs. Pick them up to add to your total. Almost all of the rest of the packs will be obtained through this brand of violent behavior.

Once the cell is clear you'll get to take on Mad Dog. He's really not that mad at all.

Some names are just so misleading. Feel free to fight him out in the open. Once Mad Dog's taken care of, you should have nine packs of smokes and an access card for Cellblock C.

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Heal yourself and head on back the way you came. Punch and kick your way down the hall to the cellblock. This should be old hat by now. Tony is waiting to offer up a classic Stallone moment, but he won't do it till you've taken out his buddies. See, he's shy and also afraid of getting a shiv in his side. Use the techniques from Cellblock B to clear out the area.

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Once the area is clear, head over to the table where Strong Arm Tony is sitting. Press B to talk to him and start a friendly game of arm wrestling. It's time to go Over the Top against Tony. This mini-game works on the same principals as the weight lifting.

cell block d

Tap A to keep the bar in the red zone. The longer you keep it there, the more strength you accumulate. However, unlike weight lifting, where you had to wait for the bar to be completely full, here you can tap B at any time. Do not wait to fill the bar. Once your strength is about half-way, press B. Little by little you will move Tony's arm towards the table. If you wait to fill up the bar, Tony will have a field day pushing your puny little arm around.

You should now have 16 packs. Some prisoner stole a picture of his girl and he wants you to get it back because his club just isn't big enough. He's nice enough to grant you access to Cellblock D.