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Battalions of the accursed, captained by pallid data that I have exhumed, will march. You'll read them or they'll march. Some of them livid and some of them fiery and some of them rotten. Some of them are corpses, skeletons, mummies, twitching, tottering, animated by companions that have been damned alive.

There are giants that will walk by, though sound asleep. There are things that are theorems and things that are rags: they'll go by like Euclid arm in arm with the spirit of anarchy. Here and there will flit little harlots. Many are clowns. But many are of the highest respectability.

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Some are assassins. There are pale stenches and gaunt superstitions and mere shadows and lively malices: whims and amiabilities.

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However, the effort failed and Rowena fled. Afterwards, the Winchesters figured that Rowena and the Book of the Damned would stay hidden until the crisis was over. With the situation escalating, Rowena approached Clea with an offer to use a time travel spell from the Book of the Damned to escape into the past, one that needed two witches to work.

The two initially prepared the spell, but were interrupted by Sam with the request that they help defeat Amara. As part of the attack plan, Rowena, Clea and three other witches used a spell from the Book of the Damned channeled through Rowena to attack Amara. The spell successfully did some harm, but Amara was able to backfire it, killing all but Rowena. With God now mortally wounded, the Winchesters questioned if there was anything in the Book of the Damned that could help him, but Rowena informed them that the Book of the Damned was useless in their situation.

Later, after the Winchesters came up with the idea to use a Soul Bomb to kill Amara, Rowena provided them with a spell from the Book of the Damned to achieve that purpose.

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The bomb was ultimately never used as Dean got God and Amara to reconcile and God removed the souls used from Dean. After being kidnapped by Lucifer , Rowena used a spell that she stated was a hybrid of Celtic magic and Book of the Damned magic on his vessel. Instead of giving Lucifer a permanent vessel , the spell accelerated his vessel's decay and banished him to the bottom of the ocean.

At some point, the Book of the Damned ended up in the Winchesters' possession in the Men of Letters bunker until Rowena stole it again following the Exodus from Apocalypse World. Rowena brings the Book of the Damned which she borrowed with her when called for help with Jack's illness. In an attempt to stop Dean from trapping himself in the Ma'lak Box with Michael , Castiel has Rowena go through the entire Book of the Damned in search of anything useful. However, Rowena can't find anything that can help and apparently curses Castiel out when he asks her to try again.

The book contains various dark spells. It is said to have a spell for everything.


It is written in an obscure Sumerian dialect, that Sam is able to partially translate. The only known thing that can is Nadia's Codex. Using the Book however can have grave effects if it's not properly handled. Rowena indicated that only the most powerful and experienced witches are capable of using the Book's power safely.

The Book contained a spell to remove the Mark of Cain. However, the Book didn't warn of the consequences of removing the Mark, specifically, releasing the Darkness.

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The spell, while not requiring a lot of ingredients, required a few very rare ones as well as the blood of the person the caster loved the most and some hair from the person with the Mark. Any person that holds the book will feel an evil aura emitted from the book. If a person handles it for a long time, it will influence the reader's mind to a certain degree. The effect will be more profound if the reader is the bearer of the Mark of Cain.

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Powerful witches are shown to be affected by the aura as well, though they don't seem to be affected by the Book's influence over people's minds. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. The Book of the Damned is a spell book for creating or undoing any kind of damnation there is. About years ago, a nun locked herself away after having "visions of darkness".