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On his 18th birthday, Cole learns that he is a dragon fated to save all that was deemed true. About the Book. A mystical calling On his 18th birthday, Cole learns that he is a dragon fated to save all that was deemed true.

Keeper of the Earth (Daughter of Destiny S.)

With that legacy comes a special calling; devoting an eternity to protecting all true beings from creatures bent on controlling the Earth and bringing an end to dragons. Author: J. Order Now. About the Author. Other Books in "Keeper of Dragons".

Keeper of Dragons the Coloring book. Keeper of Dragons, The Elven Alliance. I do not want to see sin.

The crux of the matter is "For fools rush in where angels fear to tread". While American Indian Red Skins sit in jail and their daughters are sniffing glue, the blonde-haired person with the PhD carries the peace pipe of Sitting Bull.

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Medicine bundle has been bought and passed with a condition. Mixing cultural traditions with New Age configurations is mixing oily sweat with perfume. When I am in the thick of passion, I do not feel like cuddling my readers. I do not care if they think or feel I am angry. For God sake the American Native Indian has had more tape over their mouths while living in reservation camps, waiting for what?

Native American treaty rights are being violated while the treasures found in indigenous wisdom are unacknowledged in the dominate new age psychology which profits by them. Spirituality arises within the purity of an unconditioned Mother Nature. There is a sacred marriage within the unconditioned being of a human and the unconditioned soul of the earth. Weather scientists are unable to know where or when a tornado will touch down just like a woman does not know when she is going to cry. Yet the Earth is feeling the pressure from the sky, while women are picking up the pieces of the broken bones of homes and family members.

Let no man tell you, you are here to save a planet with out him first understanding you belong to the Womb. Truth has made me in the image of transparency; she understands it takes a new clear coherence to illuminate a Planet. When there is integrity with an Earth Keeper, you break the cocoon of an Earth Mother. There is a butterfly emerging on Turtle Island, the effect of her wings are stirring up transformation.

The contractions I am suffering are giving birth to the expansion of more loving. On April 13, , I wrote to the President of Chile. I was prompted by an inexplicable sense to offer my services.

(4-1) Introduction

A sequence of coincidences beckoned me to send a second letter to Chile when an archeological discovering in the wetlands of Southern California unearthed stones linking an ancient time with markings to their country. I had a vision the stones were magical and held an energetic matrix keeping our mutual continents with tectonic integrity.

Notes and Commentary on Genesis 4–11

I wrote to President Michelle Bachelet, the artifacts are going into a box to be archived. I felt helpless yet if I wrote to their country perhaps a specialist team should acquire these stones from Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angles, California. My efforts were not considered substantial. I received two letters indicating only in receipt of. I had hoped someone would be listening on the other end to the same spirit voices I have become accustomed.

On his 18th birthday, Cole learns that he is a dragon fated to save all that was deemed true.

It was as if the friendly spirits were pushing me to create a branch within a foreign government that would listen to the voices of those on the other side to help with natural disasters. Much like a medium who works in the personal realm, I was nudged by possibilities and improbabilities in the joining of the cultures of spiritual physics with geo-physics. There had been another piece of the story coming to life from the past.

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I had a dream last year about a man named Munos. I called Mom; do we have any relatives with that name?

- Keeper Of The Earth (Daughter Of Destiny)

On May 2, , the Chaitan Volcano blew. I called to speak with Ambassador Munos, to tell him, I understand the impossible. I spoke in length to his secretary. The earth is in much stress causing people to experience the invisible. I had a feeling a sacrifice was made. The souls of the purest have not lived in vain. Beautiful coastal towns of Chile were buried in ash as an appeasement to the mystery.

The people of Earth Mother, tis of thee, sweet lands of sovereignty have a destiny.

I am singing. Hear me drumming. I honor all the ancestors of my lineage and yours.