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The day of reckoning has come. But first, the curve:. With a raw score out of questions, these numbers just about match the monster curve of the December LSAT, though a required a instead of a A generous curve is no surprise, as many students reported this test to be a tough one.

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These required having a keen sense of argument structure and being able to keep track of the different types of propositions including a big assumption. Remember that two arguments can share the same parallel structure logically even if they differ grammatically. The other scored logical reasoning section was noteworthy for having perhaps the longest soft must-be-true principle question we have ever seen, about a judge following the doctrine of precedent. Students reported the reading comp section to be tougher than average, and from a quick look at the passages we can see why.

Definitely not the most engaging or accessible subject material.

170+ LSAT Reading Comprehension Strategy

Our third passage visits the familiar territory of medicine, which the LSAT appears to be obsessed with despite being a law school entrance exam. If not, well.

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The You-Know-What. Allusions to Voldemort just seem appropriate for this one. The fourth logic game of the June LSAT is already the stuff of legend, and its high time to discuss it in more detail. Unfortunately, licensing issues prohibit me from providing a full reproduction and explanation here on the blog, so I will paint a picture with a broader brush. NOTE: Discount codes for some commercial courses may be available.

Contact your Pre-Law Advisor for more information. There are also a number of free and low-cost ways to help you prepare for the LSAT:. The workshop meets once a week for 5 weeks, with each session lasting 3 hours with a minute break in the middle.

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  8. The Workshop is best for those who are in the earlier stages of their LSAT prep, as it will introduce some high yield concepts and strategies, and help you learn more about how to structure a self-study plan. The workshop will not cover topics in the same breadth and depth as a commercial course, and will require students to continue studying once the Workshop is over.

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    Many students take the Workshop as part of a self-study plan. Some students choose to take both the Workshop and a commercial course. Other test prep companies may start to offer these services as well. It is always a good idea to ask your test prep company if they offer any need-based tuition assistance. It is important for students who may be taking the new Digital LSAT July and beyond to get some practice on tablet in a realistic format. Each location has a limited number of tablets, so you may want to go online or call ahead to determine availability.

    While the content of the test remains exactly the same, the test is in the process of transitioning to a fully digital format. Instead of being administered via paper and pencil, the test will begin to be administered by tablet some July test takers will receive and digital test, and all test takers will receive the digital test starting in September The digital test will include new functions such as a highlight tool that students will want to become familiar with prior to test day. Digital Test Tutorial and free Practice Tests.

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    Testmasters , a for-profit test prep company, has taken all of the previously released paper and pencil LSAT exams and converted them into a new digital format that looks identical to the practice tests released by the LSAC. Khan Academy , the Official Test Prep of the LSAC, does offer a free online course including 10 free full length practice tests, but the tests are not accurate representations of the new test day format ex.

    No highlight function. They are still helpful practice for the LSAT, but students should plan to take some realistic practice tests in the new format in addition to prepping with Khan Academy. If you do not take a commercial course or if the company does not provide explanations, you can purchase released LSAT explanations at:.

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    The LSAC does allow you to retake the test, and no longer limits the number of times you may retest. However, it is possible to hurt your chances of admission by retesting in certain situations, so proceed with caution. Law schools will see all official scores when you apply, and different schools may consider multiple scores differently.

    The LSAC advises schools that your average score is probably the best estimate of your ability—especially if the tests were taken over a short period of time. Some of law schools will only consider the highest LSAT score in the admissions process, but others may take the average of the scores, or your lowest score. Schools are empowered to choose any of these options, and some have stated that they reserve the right to consider whichever score they believe is in line with the rest of the application package. You might want to consider retaking the LSAT if a something went wrong on test day that you believe negatively impacted your test score or b you scored significantly lower on test day than you had on comparable practice tests, but in both cases you will want to make sure there is sufficient time between tests to further prepare.

    Some schools may expect to see an addendum explaining a discrepancy in scores if students test multiple times and have a difference in score of 5 points or higher.

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    An LSAT score is good for 5 years. If you plan on taking one or more gap years, you do not have to wait to take the LSAT. Depending on what you plan to do after you graduate, it may be helpful to prepare for the LSAT while you are still in school and in the studying mode. Some are available for use in the library and some are available for checkout. How early should I start? While Khan Academy has a very convenient tool to help you visualize how you might want to space out practice exams and plan study time into your schedule, the recommended number of hours suggested by Khan Academy may give you a false sense of security and should be viewed with a critical lens.

    One LSAT study plan does not fit all.

    Manhattan Prep’s 'LSAT 101' video series teaches intro to the LSAT.

    Students should adjust any sample study plan to fit their needs, and talking through that process is a great topic for a meeting with a Pre Law Advisor. However, here is a study plan example:. U niversity of W isconsin —Madison. What is a good score on the LSAT? A score of was at or around the 80th percentile.

    A score of was at or around the 97th percentile. The best preparation involves three steps: Learning strategies Practicing using those strategies on actual, released LSATs Reviewing explanations for every answer on every practice test you take to look for not only patterns in your mistakes, but also ways you could have answered faster to both correct and incorrect questions Do not underestimate the value of taking full, practice LSATs and reviewing the explanations to determine not only what you did wrong, but also how you could have gotten to the correct answer faster.