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The judgment provides records to confirm lives—good and bad—and then removes the records of sin from the heavenly sanctuary Revelation ; Acts — Satan bears ultimate responsibility for originating sin and for causing people to sin 1 John ; Revelation Satan, sin, and those who cling to sin are eradicated Revelation ; ; Psalm , 20; Nahum The atonement is not completed until the universe and all in it are restored to pre-sin condition—with the assurance that sin will never rise again. After the judgment, sin will be gone forever. The righteous will be safe for eternity.

What is the good news about the judgment as revealed in this Study Guide?

1. Jesus' Message to the Churches

God and His manner of handling the sin problem will be vindicated before the entire universe. This is the central purpose of the judgment Revelation The righteous will be safe from sin for eternity Revelation —5. Sin will be eradicated and will never rise a second time Nahum Everything Adam and Eve lost by sin will be restored to the redeemed Revelation —5. The wicked will be turned to ashes—not tortured endlessly Malachi In the judgment, Jesus is judge, attorney, and witness John ; 1 John ; Revelation Both the Father and Son love us. It is the devil who accuses us John ; ; ; Revelation There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ.

The judgment will make that truth evident Romans Not one soul man or angel will complain that God is unfair. It will be unanimous that God has been loving, fair, gracious, and kind in dealing with all Philippians , God promises to acquit you in the heavenly judgment if you invite Jesus to enter your life and permit Him to remain in control.

Will you invite Him to enter today? What is the difference between accepting Jesus as Savior and accepting Him as Lord?

Signs of Christ's Return

The difference is significant. When you accept Him as Savior, He saves you from the guilt and penalty of sin and gives you the new birth. He changes you from sinner to saint. This transaction is a glorious miracle and is essential to salvation. No one can be saved without it. However, Jesus is not finished with you at this point. You have been born again, but His plan is that you also grow up to become like Him Ephesians When you accept Him daily as the ruler—Lord—of your life, He, by His miracles, causes you to grow in grace and Christian conduct until you are mature in Christ 2 Peter This demonstrates how important it is to know Him as Lord and Ruler of our lives.

The scapegoat, which represents Satan, in no way bears or pays for our sins. Satan will be punished as will all other sinners—Revelation —15 for his own sins, which will include responsibility for 1 the existence of sin, 2 his own evil actions, and 3 influencing every person on earth to sin. God will clearly hold him accountable for evil. This is what the symbolism of the transfer of sin to the scapegoat Satan on the Day of Atonement was meant to convey. The Bible is clear that God forgives all sins that are confessed 1 John There is a very good reason.

The heavenly judgment is not complete until the judgment of the wicked takes place—immediately prior to their destruction at the end of the world. If God destroyed the records before this final phase of the judgment, He could be accused of a massive cover-up. All records of conduct remain open for viewing until the judgment is completed.

Some say the judgment took place at the cross. Others say it takes place at death. Can we be certain the timing of the judgment as shown in this Study Guide is correct? So we can be certain regarding the timing of the judgment, God clearly specified it three times in Daniel chapter 7. The divine sequence is stated verses 8—14, 20—22, 24—27 in this one chapter, as follows: A. The little horn power—ruled ad — See Study Guide What important lessons can we learn from our study of the judgment?

Notice the following five points: A. God may seem to take a long time before He acts, but His timing is right. Satan and evil of all kinds will ultimately be dealt with by God in the judgment. God leaves us all free to decide how we will relate to Him and whom we will serve. However, we must be prepared for serious consequences when we decide contrary to His Word. God loves us so much that He has given us the books of Daniel and Revelation to make these end-time issues clear. Our only safety is in listening to Him and in following His counsel from these great prophetic books.

Satan is determined to destroy every one of us.

Flight Of Faith: The Jesus Story (Biblical Documentary) - Timeline

His deceiving strategies are so effective and so convincing that all but a very few will be ensnared. Quiz Questions 1.

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How many phases are there of the final judgment? Check the true items regarding the first phase of the judgment. Which items tell the truth about the second phase of the judgment, which takes place during the 1, years? Jesus will serve in three capacities. What are they? The wicked will be present in person for judgment at the close of the 1, years after they surround the holy city.

Rapture and the Bible

God will make it clear to every lost person and angel why he or she is lost. At which phase of the judgment will every person good and bad who has ever lived, as well as all evil angels and Satan, be present in person? Why are record books needed in heaven's judgment? Which items are good news from the judgment? What is the truth about Satan as the judgment scapegoat? The judgment is not arbitrary. Instead, it basically confirms the choices that people have already made either to serve Jesus or to choose another master.

The Beginner's Guide to Reading the Bible

The main purpose of the judgment is to make it clear to people, Satan, the good and bad angels, and the inhabitants of other worlds that God has handled the sin tragedy wisely, equitably, and righteously since its inception. God promises to acquit you in the heavenly judgment if you will invite Him to enter your life and permit Him to remain in control. Will you invite Him to enter your life today? Due to staff size, we are unable to answer Bible questions posted in the comments.

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